The Graduation Announcement Post

On April 15, the Shekinah Formation program graduated 10 students as Spiritual Directors and released them into the wild.

Shekinah Formation Cycle 7 graduating class

We weren’t perfect students and we won’t be perfect directors. We were brave, and kind, and even had some fun with each other now and again, didn’t we, guys? After two years, we learned how to create safe space for each other to cultivate vulnerability and intentionally explore a bunch of stuff. We learned how to deeply listen – to ourselves and to each other.

And now we will offer what we’ve learned to the world somehow.

For this author – me, Sara – I have decided to offer Spiritual Direction services independently in a part-time capacity. I have always had a soft spot for people who are struggling with something, and this came out in my work with women in small businesses, new moms, women dealing with isolation within their home communities, and more. Through volunteering at my local church, I realized I had something to offer those struggling within their faith tradition, those who were deconstructing but did not want to leave their faith, or those outside of church who had already de-converted and were processing the church hurt and spiritual abuse they’ve suffered.

Some people I have worked with have called me a “deconstruction doula” — whether you are deconstructing, have deconstructed, are trying to begin re-constructing, don’t know why people around you are deconstructing, or are trying to support someone else who is deconstructing, I learned I was able to meet people where they’re at or journey with them as they explored something new.

I invite you to check out the new information in the Spiritual Direction section. Any and all questions about Spiritual Direction are welcome.

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