The Great Melt

I meditated outside today, using the phrase “I am one with God. I am one with all matter and energy.” This follows with my March meditation theme and the word “embody.” Listening to the sounds of the snow melt, water droplets hitting the ice, water droplets hitting the snow, water droplets hitting other puddles of … More The Great Melt

My Journey to Becoming a Spiritual Director

My spiritual journey in adulthood has been marked by the themes of both connection and separation. I’ve always been a leader and a writer, using my gifts to write poetry, reflect on current events, discern the needs of others and encourage them on their journey. I’ve worked in politics, education, and religious institutions as a … More My Journey to Becoming a Spiritual Director

The Names They Called Me

Previously, we attempted to define deconstruction for anyone on a faith journey. Deconstruction isn’t for everyone. It can be disorienting, disheartening, distressful. I also want to say that deconstruction should be and may actually happen to everyone. It is a natural part of human developmental psychology and developing personal identity and resilience. Pretending it doesn’t … More The Names They Called Me


A little light Sunday evening musing for you. Overall, I’m writing today because I’m wondering if there is any church community locally anyone would recommend where I might fit. Friends and mentors have suggested I might seek a United or Lutheran church, or even Catholic. I’m Mennonite by culture and history, and evangelical by my life’s … More Deconstruction


Back in November 2020 as COVID-19 cases soared in Manitoba, I shared about churches flouting pandemic restrictions. I aired some of my own experience of navigating theological and philosophical differences with my own local churches during the first six to eight months of the pandemic, using it and other sources to encourage critical thinking and … More #notallchurches