Welcome to community in the midst of deconstruction. Here you’ll find what I hope will be a host of transitional voices on topics like faith, family, feminism, and other fabulous f-words.

My name is Sara Dcombe and I speak as a member of a western society burning under the magnifying glass of 2020, COVID-19, and the heat of myriad social justice issues such as systemic racism, classism and patriarchy. I am a recovering evangelical Christian, a poet, writer, self-sabotaging contemplative and community advocate living in the heart of the rural prairies, the buckle in the Bible belt of Canada, near Landmark, Manitoba.

Guest Voices

It is my hope that others will join me in this space to contribute a thing from time to time. So stay tuned!

And if you have a topic you’d like me to cover, or you’d like to be considered for a guest post, or would like to be interviewed by me about a topic of your choice, please let me know.

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