Spiritual Direction

  • Thank you for your interest. I am currently fully booked. However, please feel free to message me with any questions you may have or visit Shekinah Formation for more information on finding a Spiritual Director.

As a student practitioner, I offer Spiritual Direction under the supervision of the Shekinah Formation program based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Shekinah is a legacy program of the Sisters of St. Benedict’s Monastery.

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction as defined by Shekinah is a practice and a process. Like any spiritual practice, it is a commitment to intentionally engage with your deep self and connect to God. In the Christian tradition, it can be traced to the desert mothers and fathers of the early fourth century. People would make a journey to sit with wise people who lived contemplative lives, outside of institutional systems.

A Spiritual Director comes alongside a directee, someone who is “looking” – the holy seeking. Within a sacred space, the directee is given an opportunity to present the story of their soul for witness, reflection, and exploration of the movement of God. The Spiritual Director offers a deep, intentional listening as well as freedom for response, prayer, silence and meditation as the story of each session unfolds.

What Does a Typical Session Look Like?

When meeting with me, an average session will begin by acknowledging God/dess’s presence and our intention to enter into sacred space together to pay attention to the inner stirrings of the present time and space. Then I may invite you into a moment of silence which gives the opportunity to calm our minds and hearts before you begin to share what you came to share.

What you choose to share can be something challenging you’re facing, something you miss, something you’d like to review, something you’d like to be rid of, something you’d like more of, ways you’d like to grow, or other observations you have about your life. No topic is out of bounds. Times of silence, tears and laughter are natural and welcome. As you share, I may ask questions or offer potential insight, while listening for the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Sessions are often approximately one-hour long, depending on what is shared and what space needs to be held. Sessions are often approximately four weeks apart.


As a student practitioner, Spiritual Direction sessions with me are currently offered at no cost.


Matters discussed during Spiritual Direction sessions will remain confidential under Manitoba law. Some general content of sessions will be discussed with the Shekinah Formation student practitioner supervisor for learning purposes only. You will have the opportunity to give feedback to the Shekinah Formation Program Director about the Spiritual Direction process.

CLICK HERE for more information on the Ethical Guidelines of Spiritual Direction.


I have day and evening availability and prefer to meet on Zoom or phone.


For more information on Spiritual Direction, feel free to contact me or read more on the Shekinah Formation website.

My Journey to Becoming a Spiritual Director

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