Spiritual Direction with Me

  • Now accepting new directees. (updated April 2023)

Interested in Spiritual Direction with Me?

To me, Spiritual Direction is about three things: your experience in spirituality, how I can interact with you in that, and how God shows up when we spend time intentionally exploring together. My role as a director is not to judge, teach, or advise, but rather hold space for another person (or group) to explore their relationship with God – or The Holy Spirit, The Divine, or the name you use for God as befits your experience.

In conversation, prayer, silence, art, or other disciplines, I practice deep listening and attentiveness to the movement of the Spirit. What each session covers and where our conversations go can be as structured or unstructured as you like, and as such will be unique each time.

To help you get to know me a bit better as a director, my education and life experience enable me to bring added awareness of certain issues, such as:

  • deconstruction from Evangelical Mennonite traditional faith background
  • grief and loss of community during/after deconstruction
  • feminist, egalitarian, liberation, and eco- theology
  • LGBTQ+ affirming theology
  • ecumenicism/inter-faith interests and exploring non-religious spirituality

Training and Qualifications

I have a two-year certificate in Spiritual Direction from Shekinah: Formation in Spiritual Direction, which is a legacy program formed by the Sisters of St. Benedict’s Monastery. It is rooted in the Christian contemplative tradition and Benedictine hospitality, and is informed by a deep commitment to the interconnectedness of spirituality and social justice.

I also have a certificate in Creative Communications from Red River College. I have over 15 years of communications experience in small business, Christian education, and municipal and government relations, and over 20 years of leadership experience in community advocacy, along with women’s and youth ministry.

What Does a Typical Session Look Like?

When meeting with me, your view of God and how you encounter spirituality is precious to me. Our conversation or practices together can be fluid, tailored to areas you’d like to explore.

A Spiritual Direction session can commonly begin by acknowledging our intention to enter into sacred space together to pay attention to the inner stirrings of the present time and space. Then I may invite you into a moment of silence which gives the opportunity to calm our minds and hearts before you begin to share what you came to share.

What you choose to share can be something challenging you’re facing, something you miss, something you’d like to review, something you’d like to be rid of, something you’d like more of, ways you’d like to grow, or other observations you have about your life. No topic is out of bounds. Times of silence, tears and laughter are natural and welcome. As you share, I may ask questions or offer potential insight, while listening for the leading of what is transpiring between us.

Sessions are often approximately one-hour long, depending on what is shared and what space needs to be held. Sessions are often approximately four weeks apart.


I’m committed to offering flexible financial access or trade options. Please consider the level of payment that works well for you. No minimum commitment; pay as you go. Payment expected at time of service.

  • Blessing: $75/hr. For those with financial resources to bless others.
  • Average: $50/hr. For those with financial resources to pay an average market price for this service.
  • Equity: $25/hr. For those with financial resources to commit this amount.
  • Sliding Scale: Name your preferred price. One suggestion is to consider how much you make per hour at your job. Could you offer that to me? If you would like to have a conversation about a sliding scale fee, please let me know.
  • Trade: Do you have something to trade? Consider the value you place on the object. Did you put time and energy into making it? Would you enjoy giving it in exchange for what I offer? Would you enjoy knowing what types of goods I enjoy receiving? If you would like to have a trade conversation, please let me know.

Confidentiality & Ethics

Matters discussed during Spiritual Direction sessions will remain confidential under Manitoba law. I am committed to ongoing accountability and support through a supervisory team of trained Spiritual Directors. Some content of sessions may be privately discussed with this team for consultation as needed. Although I believe it is appropriate at times to discuss personal and relational difficulties in the context of spiritual direction, I am not a psychotherapist, nor do I provide such services.

The nature of our relationship is held by trust and mutual intent. Open communication is encouraged to discuss expectations and establish needs and/or desires for Spiritual Direction at any time. I require a signed Spiritual Direction agreement before entering into sessions together. Please see the agreement and ethical guidelines below for more information.

CLICK HERE for Spiritual Direction agreement.

CLICK HERE for more information on the Ethical Guidelines of Spiritual Direction.


I have day and evening availability, with in-person office space available in Winnipeg or remote option using Google Meet or phone.


For more information on Spiritual Direction, feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

What is Spiritual Direction?

CLICK HERE for information on what Spiritual Direction is.

My Journey to Becoming a Spiritual Director

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