The Prairie Thistle

In the land of milk and honey, this ain't no Prairie Rose.


Welcome to a blog of transitional voices. Coming out of evangelicalism, this site features writing on a wide variety of topics as we strive to traverse life with awareness and intention, valuing social justice, equality, and the complexities of Christian and humanist thought.

The Great Melt

I meditated outside today, using the phrase “I am one with God. I am one with all matter and energy.” This follows with my March meditation theme and the word “embody.” Listening to the sounds of the snow melt, water droplets hitting the ice, water…

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My Journey to Becoming a Spiritual Director

My spiritual journey in adulthood has been marked by the themes of both connection and separation. I’ve always been a leader and a writer, using my gifts to write poetry, reflect on current events, discern the needs of others and encourage them on their journey.…

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